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AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

An Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) refers to a self-driving vehicle where the vehicle is remotely controlled by a computer without a driver on board automatically. An AGV moves cargo to designated incoming/outgoing buffers. AGVs use a combination of sensors, software, and navigation systems to follow predetermined paths, avoid obstacles, and interact with other machines and equipment in the facility. They can be programmed to carry out specific tasks such as picking up and delivering materials, transporting goods to designated storage areas, or moving items between production lines. AGVs offer several benefits in logistics operations, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved safety. They can operate 24/7, are not subject to fatigue or human error, and can operate in hazardous environments. Additionally, AGVs can be integrated with warehouse management systems to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of materials and products, improving inventory accuracy and reducing delays.
Source : ChatGPT
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