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A Consignee refers to the recipient of goods listed on an airway bill for air cargo transport. The consignee is typically the recipient of the goods and is responsible for receiving, inspecting, and signing for the delivery of the shipment. The consignee information is usually provided by the shipper or the seller of the goods at the time of shipment. This information includes the consignee's name, address, and contact information, which is used by the logistics company to coordinate the delivery of the goods. The consignee has certain responsibilities when receiving the shipment of goods, such as inspecting the goods for damage or discrepancies and reporting any issues to the logistics company. If the shipment is not delivered directly to the consignee but to a third party, such as a freight forwarder or customs broker, then the consignee must provide instructions to the logistics company regarding the final delivery location and contact information of the third party.
Source : ChatGPT
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