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Special Cargo

Special Cargo refers to cargo that requires special measures or handling precautions, as well as special equipment for packing, due to its nature, shape, weight, or value when loading onto a ship or container. Transporting special cargo requires careful planning, preparation, and coordination to ensure the cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time. For example, hazardous materials require compliance with strict regulations and the use of specialized packaging, labeling, and transportation methods. Perishable goods may require refrigeration or temperature-controlled storage to prevent spoilage, while live animals require special care and handling to ensure their health and well-being during transportation. Handling special cargo also requires specialized equipment and personnel with the necessary training and expertise to handle the cargo safely and efficiently. This may include specialized trucks, containers, and handling equipment, as well as trained personnel with expertise in handling and transporting specific types of cargo.
Source : ChatGPT
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