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Storage/Retrieval refers to the process of loading and unloading goods into and out of a warehouse. In the case of three-dimensional automated warehouses, stacker cranes are used, and unmanned forklifts are used for transportation.
The storage and retrieval process involves several steps, including receiving goods, storing them in the appropriate location, and retrieving them when needed.
When goods are received, they are typically checked for accuracy and quality before being stored in the warehouse. The warehouse may have different storage areas based on factors such as the type of product, temperature requirements, or order of receipt. Once goods are stored, they must be properly labeled and tracked to ensure they can be easily retrieved when needed.
The retrieval process begins when a customer places an order for goods. The warehouse staff receives the order and retrieves the necessary items from storage. This may involve locating the goods in the warehouse, picking them up from their storage location, and preparing them for shipment.
Proper storage and retrieval procedures help to ensure that goods are readily available when needed, minimizing delays in delivery and reducing the risk of stockouts. Effective storage and retrieval also require accurate tracking and inventory management to ensure that the warehouse has the necessary stock levels to meet customer demand.
Source : ChatGPT
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