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Square Now Global 2023 Global Cello Square Conference in Vietnam

Registration dateMAR 14, 2023

2023 Global Cello Square Conference in Vietnam
2023 Global Cello Square Conference in Vietnam
On March 3, Samsung SDS hosted “Hanoi Cello Square Conference 2023” at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 in Vietnam. At this event attended by 25 of customer companies, Samsung SDS announced the official launch of our digital logistics platform Cello Square in the Vietnamese market.
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Since 2012, Samsung SDS has hosted Cello Square Conference every year to share valuable insights that aims to bring innovation to our customers’ logistics business. This year’s conference, which was held overseas for the first time, highlighted Cello Square’s unparalleled competitiveness and competence in the global logistics operation. This is in line with Samsung SDS’s strategy to expand Cello Square business in the global market.
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The conference started with a welcome speech delivered by Mr. Yongho Woo, Vice President and Director of Cello Square Business. “The manufacturing industry of Southeast Asia has grown remarkably in recent years, with Vietnam rapidly emerging as a new production base in the global supply chain. Especially given that Vietnam is the only country that can be connected by truck transport with South China, home to a large number of part suppliers, the country may serve as a manufacturing hub that has great strategic and geopolitical importance,” said Woo as he explained the reason behind the launch of Cello Square in Vietnam.
Conference image 3 [Yongho Woo, Vice President and Director of Cello Square Business]
In Vice President Woo’s presentation titled “Digitalization in Supply Chain,” he elaborated on the concept of end-to-end visibility that is key to innovation in supply chain management and introduced our company’s exceptional capabilities in digital logistics service.
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Mr. Dong Kyun Kim, Vice President and Head of SDSV SL Division, introduced the services offered by Cello Square through a system demo and stressed the importance of digitalization in logistics to keep pace with the rapid industrial growth. In particular, he emphasized that even small and medium-sized companies that lack IT workforce and infrastructures can enjoy high-quality logistics service without making additional investments by using Cello Square, and presented win-win strategies to be implemented together with the companies.
Conference image 5 [Dong Kyun Kim, Vice President and Head of SDSV SL Division]
Next, Mr. Yubi Myung, Leader of SL HN Business Development Group, shared details about our company’s project logistics solutions and BPO support program that aims to reduce logistics risks and issues faced by shippers. Following the presentation, a networking session was held to engage with various customer companies attending the conference.
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After the official event, Samsung SDS also had a press conference with Vietnamese media outlets. The local media showed keen interest in Cello Square’s technological competence and the significance of its launch in Vietnam, while expressing expectations for overall logistics advancement of the Vietnamese companies that are in various phases of digitalization. In response Vice president Kim stated, “Through Cello Square, we will help strengthen Vietnamese companies’ competitiveness in logistics by enabling not only cost-efficiency but also real-time data analysis and customized reports.”
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Following China, Vietnam, and Singapore, which opened Cello Square services last year, Cello Square is planning to expand globally in 2023, we ask for your continuous interest and support.
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