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Square Now Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cello Square’s Forwarding Service Right Now

Registration dateOCT 05, 2023

Hello! We are Cello Square, Samsung SDS’s digital forwarding service. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has finally settled down, the recovery from the global recession and prolonged inflation has been sluggish.
This is the time when you need forwarders with low logistics risk. Now, let’s find out top 5 reasons why you should use forwarding service of Cello Square, a logistics platform that you can fully trust. 1. Cello Square, a trusted forwarder Samsung SDS has provided IT-based logistics service since 2012 and became the global top 20 comprehensive logistics company. Samsung SDS’s digital logistics platform ‘Cello Square’ provides one-stop service in all areas of logistics including forwarding in 36 countries, 56 hub locations, with around 6,700 logistics experts, enabling easier, transparent, optimized global integrated logistics services.
Samsung SDS’s global logistics status (Samsung SDS’s global logistics status)
2. Logistics market & tailored logistics analytics report available in real time Just by signing up for Cello Square, you can check in-depth logistics market conditions in real time. In addition, if you make a shipment on Cello Square, you can access tailored logistics analytics report including logistics cost, freight volume, CO2 emissions, etc. Sign up now and get logistics insights from Cello Square!
Cello Square’s tailored analytics report (Cello Square’s tailored analytics report)
3. Secure logistics visibility & View in-transit status in real time On Cello Square, you can not only view in-transit status in real time but also check tracking per item, container storage and delay status. Check out the beginning and end of logistics process at a glance on Cello Square!
Cello Square’s real-time in-transit status (Cello Square’s real-time in-transit status)
4. Instant quotes for international transport available in real time On Cello Square, you can view instant quotes for major international transport products including ocean, air, express and intermodal transport in real time, and instantly make booking based on the quote viewed upon signing up. Along with quotes, we also offer member-exclusive services such as origin/destination additional services and discounts.
Cello Square’s real-time global quote view (Cello Square’s real-time global quote view)
※ Instant Quotes varies by country / product, for more information, please check the website of each country
5. Free additional logistics services that help you reduce logistics cost Cello Square offers free management service for demurrage & detention incurred during transportation. Furthermore, the loading optimizer feature is provided for free to minimize transportation costs by optimizing the loading space in a transportation vehicle. Try out our specialized logistics service and save logistics cost!
Cello Square’s loading optimizer (Cello Square’s loading optimizer)
Until now, we have looked at 5 reasons why you should use Cello Square’s forwarding service.
Forward your freight using Samsung SDS’s Cello Square right now, which provides international transportation services with 78 airlines, 206 carriers and 7 express couriers around the globe, based on professional digital service, various industry expertise and global logistics execution capabilities.
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