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Newsroom Samsung SDS Unveils Cello Square Platform for SMEs

Registration dateSEP 14, 2021

+ Large cargo air and ocean freight services for small and medium-sized export companies in Korea
+ Presents Cello Square 4.0 platform that optimizes global transportation and other specialized services based on new digital technologies

At the ‘Cello Conference 2021’ held on May 13, Samsung SDS unveiled Cello Square 4.0 and various innovative use cases to support small and medium-sized export companies in Korea in need to enter the overseas market.

The company announced its plan to provide Cello Square 4.0 which provides optimized global transportation and other specialized services based on new digital technologies from August.

Cello Square 4.0 automatically recommends optimal route based on shipper’s cargo details, requested departure and arrival locations, and available freight schedules. Shipper can easily track real-time location of the cargo and check potential risks at a glance. Once the transport is complete, Cello Square automatically settles the bill and suggests future plans for cost reduction along with data analysis report.

Samsung SDS also presented specialized services packed with new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain. Through Cello Square, shippers can receive transportation operation service that monitors real-time delivery status of expensive goods or products that are sensitive to temperature, humidity and shock. Cello Square also recommends optimal delivery space by analyzing cargo size and quantity with AI technology.

The company introduced ‘Air Freight Re-forwarding’ service for shippers to reduce freight rates in case of long-distance delivery by taking advantage of Samsung SDS’s distribution centers at major transit locations in Dubai, Miami, Hong Kong and etc.

Moreover, the service line-up includes ‘Ocean Transportation Service to Amazon Warehouse’ which will support the export shipment of SMEs’ goods in Korea to overseas Amazon distribution centers including United States and Japan, and provide consulting for complex customs clearance procedures.

Kooil O, senior vice president and leader of Logistics Business Division at Samsung SDS, said, “We will actively support small and medium-sized export companies to successfully enter the overseas market with our competitive logistics services of Cello Square 4.0.”