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The Method of Writing the Perfect Amazon Case for Problem Solving

As you run your business as an Amazon seller, various issues arise such as listing, account identification, verification document requirements, etc. To assist in addressing these issues, Amazon provides problem-solving pages and guidelines through Seller Central. However, if the problem is not resolved by Seller Central, you must contact Amazon directly to request for problem correction. This process is known as ‘open a case.’ A case can be created by accessing ‘Help’ > ‘Get Support’ on the Amazon Seller Central page. Once created, the details can be checked in the ‘Case Log.’
[Process of Open a Case on Seller Central] Process of Open a Case on Seller Central (Source :
If you write a case after accessing the page, you will receive a notification email that the case has been created, and you will usually receive a reply within 12 hours. However, depending on the content of the case inquiry, there are cases where the AI answers are based on Amazon regulations, which may not be precise.
[Sample of AI Answer] Sample of AI Answer (Source: Kontactic Internal Email)
For sellers who need to solve issues as quickly as possible, a formal AI answer is a big hurdle. So, we would like to share a simple way of receiving answers that can directly address problems when writing a case. 1. Write Intuitively Rather than Politely! Sellers who write cases for the first time, often write in a perfectly-structured way (introduction, body, and conclusion) with courteous sentences as their counterpart is the global company, Amazon. However, these carefully written cases do not increase the chances of receiving good answers. Rather, it is more effective to intuitively show what the issue is through writing the main point in the front.
[Sample of Written Case] Sample of Written Case (Source: Kontactic Internal Email)
The above case is an attempt to modify the brand and manufacturer’s name of a listing from Kontactic. After briefing the overall issue, it clearly states what action you want to receive from Amazon, not just a sentence that asks for a solution. After that, items that should be rectified are emphasized in capital letters. After explaining the request and the issue, the items to be corrected were emphasized once again in bullet points. The actual product image was attached to prove that the brand and manufacturer’s names are printed on the product package.

Therefore, it is most important to accurately convey the issue when writing a case. Amazon representatives must respond within a certain amount of time when a case is created. If the issue is not clearly understood, then there is no choice but to mechanically respond with regulations. In the same context, it is always recommended to attach an image that helps to understand the issue. Although it was not shown in the above case, if there is an issue with a specific ASIN (Amazon Standard Item Number), it is better to accurately notify the ASIN of the listing. 2. No Time to Wait? Inquire the Case via Phone The case inquiry process in an e-mail format must wait until an answer is received. Even if the answer is not helpful, the case is automatically terminated after a certain period has passed since the answer was received. Therefore, there is an inconvenience of having to reopen the case for additional inquiries. There is a way to call an Amazon representative to solve the problem faster.
'Get Support' Page > Or browse for your issue in the menu > Your account > Other account issues > Write down the issue in 'Describe your issue' > Phone > Set Phone Number / Country > Call me now
If you click ‘Or browse for your issue in the menu’ on the ‘Get Support’ page, you can move to the page where issues are grouped by category. If you click ‘Your account’ > ‘Other account issues’ on the page and then briefly describe the problem in ‘Describe your issue,’ a window for making a phone call appears as shown in the image below. Select ‘Phone’ from ‘Email’ and ‘Phone.’ After setting the phone number and country, click ‘Call me now’ and you will receive a call from Amazon Korea, where you can explain the issue and discuss the solution. However, phone calls may not be available at all times. If the phone is not connected, try again in different time zones.
[How to Connect a Phone Call to Amazon from the Create Case Page] How to Connect a Phone Call to Amazon from the Create Case Page 01
How to Connect a Phone Call to Amazon from the Create Case Page 02 (Source: Amazon Seller Central)
3. What if the Issue is Editing Listing Information? Resolve through the ‘Listing Edit Page’ There are many reasons why sellers open cases, but listing problems account for a large proportion. There are various listing problems. If the listing information is entered incorrectly or if the listing information needs to be changed, a case can be created through the ‘Listing Edit Page.’ The advantage is that you can get more specific and faster help than the route through ‘Get Support.’ If you access the link at the bottom of the image, a window for entering the ASIN of the listing with an issue appears, and you can see a list of listing attributes (e.g. lowercase, brand, product category) that can be edited. After selecting the listing attributes you want to edit on the page, click the ‘Next’ button according to the instructions to finally create a case. If asked about the reason for the change, briefly explain it. In the case of a change of manufacturer or brand name, a photo of the actual manufacturer or brand name printed on the package is requested. Therefore, prepare it in advance and submit it as an attachment.
[Listing Edit Page] Listing Edit Page (Source: Amazon Seller Central)
4. Extra) Get a Dedicated Manager Assigned from Amazon Amazon has dedicated managers for some seller accounts. In principle, the issue that occurred while operating an Amazon account should be solved primarily through a case. If it is difficult to solve the issue easily through a case, you can receive support from a dedicated manager of Amazon. In the case of Korea, if you launch a store on Amazon through a webinar hosted by Amazon Korea as shown in the image below, Amazon Korea may provide the benefit of assigning a dedicated manager. Also, there are other possibilities that a dedicated manager may be assigned to you such as launching through KOTRA, government-supported projects, or Amazon Korea’s partners. If you are assigned a dedicated manager, you can quickly receive information about new benefits and promotions from Amazon including assistance in resolving account issues, so it is recommended that you open an account on Amazon by being assigned a dedicated manager of Amazon.
[Amazon Korea Webinar] Amazon Korea Webinar (Source: Amazon Korea Global Selling)
Now that you have learned about the various Amazon cases, it’s time to find out about logistics services optimized for e-commerce! To sell products on Amazon, you must go through logistics. With Amazon FBA service, you only need to send the products to the Amazon’s warehouse. However, if you need to package and send it from South Korea, then there is a service that can solve both logistics and packaging at once. It is the optimal packaging box recommendation service provided by Cello Square, a digital forwarding service.
Optimal Packaging Box Recommendation
Cello Square allows quick and simple quotations and settlements on one platform, and real-time monitoring is also possible using cutting-edge technologies such as AI and the cloud. One of Cello Square's IT value-added services, the ‘Optimal Packaging Box Recommendation Service,’ recommends the optimal packaging box based on the product size and order quantity so you can calculate the shipping cost immediately after ordering.

- When a customer purchases a product in an online e-Commerce site, the box recommendation function determines the packaging box for the product in the shopping cart, and calculates the shipping cost in real-time.
- At the fulfillment center, the optimal packaging box is recommended in consideration of the size and number of delivery products, reducing packaging and shipping costs.
- When pallets are shipped from the distribution center, the optimal stacking pattern is proposed by considering the weight, volume, direction, and center of gravity of the product and reflecting the requirements and restrictions of the consignee.
- When stuffing container cargo, the the loading rate is improved by suggesting the optimal loading method through the simulation function.
Service diagram Service diagram
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