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E-Commerce Trends Types of Error Codes and How to Solve Them When Registering Products

Registration dateJUL 04, 2022

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Product registration, the first hurdle of starting selling, is not easy. After creating an Amazon account as a new seller, the next step is to register the product on the Amazon marketplace. However, any Amazon seller must have encountered entering a lot of information at least once, experiencing a complicated process, and finally pressing the upload button, only to result in an error message stating that the product registration has failed. So, this content will guide you through the types of errors that beginners often encounter in the product registration process and the solutions for them.
This tip will get you halfway when encountering a product registration error on Amazon! There are 2 ways to register a product on Amazon. The first is to use the Amazon website, and the second is to download and upload the Excel template of the product registration. Since there are more frequent errors during the registration of products through the website, it is recommended to download the Excel template through ‘Add Products Via Upload’ and register the product as an inventory file.
[Order of Creating Inventory File and Uploading]
The inventory file can be created by clicking ‘Generate Template’ under ‘Manage Inventory’ > ‘Add Products Via Upload’ > ‘Download an Inventory File.’ Fill in the created inventory file and upload in the ‘Upload your Inventory file’ to check the following result. If the message ‘Complete Drafts’ is displayed as shown in the image below, an error has occurred. Click ‘Download your Processing Report’ to open the review processing report, and check the ‘Feed Processing Summary’ sheet to see what error occurred. In a normal case, the error code, the cause, and the location of the item are displayed, so items can be edited and uploaded again.
[The result image After Uploading an Inventory File] (Source: Amazon Seller Central Add Products via Upload ‘Monitor Upload Status’ by Kontactic)
Here are some tips that some tips to reduce errors. Unchecking (Canada) and (Mexico) is recommended in the process of generating an Excel inventory file through ‘Add Products Via Upload’ as shown in the following image. If a file is generated by including multiple countries in one inventory file, then the classification items of the sheet will be different. Since additional information is required, there is a high possibility of a field being left blank.
[Inventory File that Includes Canada and Mexico] (Source: Amazon Seller Central Add Products via Upload ‘Download an Inventory File’)
(Source: Amazon inventory file by Kontactic)
Next, if a drop-down button is activated in a cell when creating an Excel inventory file, then the value displayed in the drop-down list must be inserted. If an arbitrary value that is not in the drop-down list is entered, an error code will be shown because Amazon determines that the required information has not been entered when registering the product.
Error code 5665 – Amazon’s gatekeeper Error 5665 is probably the most frequent error that occurs during the product registration process on Amazon. Error 5665, also called Amazon Brand Approval,’ is an error that sellers must go through when registering products with brand names. The solution for the error is also widely known. If error 5665 occurs during product registration, then the following message is displayed.
[Error 5665 Message] (Source: Amazon inventory file by Kontactic)
This error is a process by which Amazon determines the existence of the product, and the solution is as follows. After a case is created after the request for brand approval by Amazon, all sides of the product will appear. The name or logo of the brand written in the brand name is attached to the product. The precaution when taking photos are as follows.
  1. 01Image that has not been screened or edited
  2. 02Image of the actual product being held in hand or placed on a table
  3. 03The brand name must be printed permanently on the product or product packaging
[Sample of Product Photo] (Source: Plan de G)
The limitation for the image attachment of the case is 10 Mb. If the size of the photo exceeds 10 Mb, then it is also possible to attach a compressed file or attach it to a word file and then create and attach it as a PDF file. If the case has been successfully handled through this procedure, then a notice will be sent from Amazon stating that a listing can be created with the brand. Error 5665 does not occur after the product is registered with this procedure.
[Reply to Amazon Seller Central’s CASE] (Source: Amazon Seller Central Case Log by Kontactic)
Error code 5561 – My brand name already exists? This is an error that occurs when the brand name entered in the product name or brand name is already registered and used on Amazon. This looks similar to error code 5665, but 5665 is an error that occurs because the brand name entered by the seller is not registered on Amazon. For example, let’s imagine a situation where a Korean brand called ‘TACTIC’ is in the process of registering products on Amazon. If a local Korean brand with the same name has already completed the brand registration on Amazon and is already selling, then this error will occur inevitably.

When solving a problem using CASE, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because the aspect of the problem resolution varies depending on which customer service representative is assigned at Amazon. However, Kontactic solves error 5561 like the following.
  1. 01Register the product by entering “N/A” instead of the company’s brand name in the brand name field.
  2. 02Proceed with the brand registry.
  3. 03Correct the brand name through CASE inquiry after completing the brand registry.
A U.S. or U.K. trademark application is required for a brand registry on Amazon. In the trademark application process, trademark rights can be processed through the logo image of the brand despite the duplication of trademark name. Therefore, the error can be resolved after a normal trademark application and brand registry.
Error code 8105 – The value provided is invalid!? Error 8105 occurs when valid data required for the product to be registered is not entered. Error 8105 occurs most frequently when ‘Item Form’ and ‘Unit Count Type’ does not match the product. For example, if ‘powder’ is entered in the ‘Item Form’ but ‘Fl Oz’ is entered in the ‘Unit Count Type,’ then error 8105 occurs because the material of product is powder. Then, the message from the result file does not specifically notify which value was entered incorrectly. Therefore, the seller has to find and correct the error value that is causing the problem. Normally, in the case of ‘Item Form’ and ‘Unit Count Type’ where many errors occur, it is possible to check what material and which unit is used through the list of the most similar products of the competitor. Try to enter the appropriate ‘Item Form’ and ‘Unit Count Type’ using the competitor’s data to register the product. If the data is incorrect, then try to correct the error by entering another form and unit under the drop-down list.
(Source: Amazon inventory file by Kontactic)
Precautions when registering products When creating an Excel inventory file that registers multiple products at once, avoid using the drag auto-complete function as much as possible. If drag auto-complete is used on numeric data such as barcodes or URLs with repeated numbers, then this can cause the number to increase and change the value. Since it is quite difficult for sellers to identify these subtle changes in the process of reviewing errors, it is recommended that sellers enter data carefully, even if it takes time.

Also, there may be unfamiliar error codes, in addition to the 3 typical errors introduced above, which may occur during product registration. If an unusual error occurs, first try to understand the cause of the error displayed in the Excel file through the ‘Feed Processing Summary’ sheet and attempt to make changes. If the problem is not solved through this, check again for any mistakes in the data entered previously. If the error is not resolved after repeating this process several times, submit a CASE inquiry to Amazon to inquire about the solution for the error. When creating a CASE, an accurate solution can be obtained only when an error has occurred. Also, the intention of the solution to this error must be described clearly and specifically. Error information provided by Amazon is available in Amazon Seller Central.[1]
References [1] 『Help>Manage Inventory>Create and manage inventory>Error code explanations』, Amazon Seller Central Seller Central

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