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E-Commerce Trends Get listed on Amazon with a GTIN Exemption

Registration dateAUG 24, 2022

Get listed on Amazon with a GTIN Exemption

‘GTIN’ is required to register a new product on Amazon. GTIN is an abbreviation of Global Trade Item Number. It is issued uniquely for each product and serves to identify the product. It is often called a ‘barcode.’ The ‘Product ID’ in the product registration step is the field where you enter the product GTIN. You are unable to register unless the field is entered. If an invalid GTIN or a previously registered GTIN is entered on Amazon, then errors such as 8541, 8556, etc. occur in the registration step, making it impossible to register the product.
[Product ID Not Entered]Product ID Not Entered(Source: Amazon Seller Central)
The reason for requesting a GTIN is to keep track of the product and to protect the brand. Amazon sticks to the policy of allowing only one listing for the same product, so it requires entering a GTIN that is uniquely assigned to a specific product.

In general, EAN and UPC barcodes are widely used for GTINs. EAN barcode is used worldwide, and the 13-digit barcode starting with 880 is the EAN barcode. UPC barcode is a 12-digit barcode used in North America (United States and Canada). Currently, EAN and UPC are used together in North America.[1] In addition, there is also a barcode for book identification called ISBN.
[Examples of Barcode Used in GTIN]Examples of Barcode Used in GTIN
How to Register Products on Amazon Without a GTINHowever, you can register products without a GTIN by applying for a GTIN exemption on Amazon. Sure, this does not apply to all products. You can register only when the following requirements are met.[2]
  • In the case of selling products that have not been provided with GTIN by the brand, manufacturer, or publisher.

    Example) Products with self-made labels or handmade products.

  • In the case where the seller is the manufacturer, brand, and/or publisher and sells products that do not have barcodes.

    Example) Products with self-made labels or handmade products.

  • In the case of selling product parts that do not have a GTIN.

    Example) Auto parts or mobile accessories.

  • In the case of selling bundle packs of two or more products.

    Example) A pack that includes a leather belt and wallet, or a pack of two shirts.

  • Looking at the exemption requirements, you can apply for a GTIN exemption without any special restrictions if you own an “own brand” and “manufacture your own product.” Other than that, it is possible for parts or bundled products that are difficult to attach or issue barcodes.

    Manufacturers and brand sellers apply for GTIN exemption because there is an additional process required for issuing barcodes, and additional costs are incurred. To issue an international standard GTIN, you must pay an annual membership fee for membership to ‘GS1 Korea.’ The membership fee and annual fee as of 2022 are as follows.

    [Table of Annual Fee for GS1 Korea]Table of Annual Fee for GS1 Korea(Source: GS1 Korea)
    You can see that the membership fee of 200,000 won and an annual fee of 150,000 won are required for a business with a sales of less than 500 million won. For small businesses such as rookie sellers and simple taxpayers, who want to enter Amazon, the amount is also a burden. We would like to introduce the GTIN exemption process for these sellers.
    GTIN Exemption Method
    [Application Process for GTIN Exemption]Application Process for GTIN Exemption
    Click ‘Learn More’ under the ‘What’s a GTIN’ section in the ‘Inventory’ > ‘Add a Product.’ Then, click the ‘Apply for a GTIN Exemption’ link on the help page. If you access through the link, the following screen will be displayed, where you can enter the category of the product you want to register and the seller’s brand name. If a message appears that the product is eligible for GTIN exemption, you need to prove the existence of the product in the following steps.
    [Apply for GTIN Exemption Page]Apply for GTIN Exemption Page(Source: Amazon Seller Central)
    The documents required here are not that complicated. It is similar to the method of passing the error code 5665 (Amazon brand approval) that occurs during the first product registration process. You just have to upload the pictures of 5 sides of the product with the seller’s brand printed along with the product name. The photo must be an actual image that has not been edited and must prove that it is the actual product being sold. The photo must be taken with the product being placed on top of the table like in the following image and submitted.
    [Example of Product Image]Example of Product Image(Source: PLAN de G)
    If you wait after submitting the documents, Amazon responds for approval within 48 hours. If the GTIN exemption is approved, you can register products without entering a GTIN in the ‘Product ID’ field during the product registration process. Since this process is made especially for the ‘applied brand name’ in the ‘applied category,’ the GTIN must be entered if the brand name changes or the applied category changes. In addition, if the brand is not registered, then error code 5665 (Amazon brand approval) must be solved.

    If you have applied for a GTIN exemption, you must use FNSKUs (Amazon Barcodes) for FBA fulfillment, as products do not have barcodes attached to them.
    Limitations to GTIN ExemptionAs such, the GTIN exemption has great benefits for sellers in terms of cost savings and convenience. However, there are also the following risks when selling on Amazon through a GTIN exemption. So, each seller must make a choice that suits their situation. First of all, applying for GTIN exemption means that the barcode of the product does not exist, so it cannot be sold by normal means in the Korean market as well as the U.S. market except for Amazon. Therefore, if you are not a seller who wants to sell products only on ‘Amazon,’ it can be seen as a difficult method to use in reality. Since the GTIN exemption has semi-permanent properties, it is difficult to withdraw a previously approved GTIN exemption even after the official barcode is issued after the exemption. Due to these realistic limitations, it can be burdensome to go through the process of issuing GTIN and pay the fee. However, since it is an essential process for normal product sales anywhere in the world, it is recommended to start sales in a standard way even if it costs some time and money.
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