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Expert Column Project Logistics - Meaning & Guidance

Registration dateMAR 23, 2023

What is Project Logistics? Imagine this: You are working on a project in a remote location, but you urgently need 25 sets of 16’ high pressure valves to continue. The preferred local supplier can produce them in a month but this will cause significant schedule delays. Alternatively, you can source them elsewhere, have them delivered on time, but incur a cost premium. As any respected project manager, this is a hard place to be - either choice will lead to negative outcomes, a nightmare scenario.

Besides accidents and manpower issues, is there anything worse than not having the specific items needed for your project in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities? Unfortunately, many others could be:
  1. Items available in the warehouse, but not known to anyone.
  2. Items that do not meet required specification.
  3. Items mistakenly or deliberately used for another application.
  4. Incorrect reporting to local regulatory bodies, risking compliance issues.

All these are matters relating to project logistics.

Project Logistics (or Project Cargo) means the management of the entire supply chain process for a specific project, encompassing the planning, organization, processing, control, and coordination of goods, materials, and information. This type of logistics often deals with freight that is large, heavy, bulky, unusually shaped, and valuable, making it one of the most challenging areas of transportation, supply chain, and logistics.
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5 Tips to choose the best Project Logistics provider Project logistics is complicated. Entrusting your logistics to a competent provider can make all the difference. Below, we share some tips when choosing the best Project Logistics provider.

1. Check the basics
As you begin your search, narrow down by shortlisting companies with strong financial stability, proper insurance, commitment to compliance and years of experience in the field. Referrals are the most efficient way especially if the one referring has used their services before.

2. Review their recommendations
During your initial meetings with shortlisted project logistics providers, it is important to discuss project details, company philosophy, and customer references. A reliable provider will typically present their proven methodology and handling process, and may even offer draft recommendations based on the information you provide. It is recommended to work with a single provider to handle the entire process, as coordinating with multiple individual service providers may require extensive experience and time, despite potential cost savings.

3. Expertise and Reliability
To ensure your project's success, research the company's relevant area of expertise. Project logistics providers often specialize in niche areas, and local specialists tend to have the most knowledge. Do consider the provider's internal staff team, as they may have recruited specialists with years of project experience.

A knowledgeable and professional team with attention to detail is a good indication of a reliable provider. Having proper documentation and prioritizing clear and effective communication to avoid penalties, delays, and confusion that could adversely affect your project.

4. Coverage and Location
Choosing a project logistics provider with a strong global network is important because it enables seamless coordination and efficient execution of complex logistics operations across different regions and countries.

A strong global network allows the provider to tap into local knowledge and expertise, navigate complex customs and regulations, and access a wide range of transportation modes and infrastructure. This ensures timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and minimized risk for the client, regardless of the project's scale or complexity.

5. Technology
Choosing a project logistics provider that is technology forward is important because it enables streamlined and transparent communication, efficient tracking and monitoring of cargo movements, and enhanced risk management. With these insights, you can further increase efficiency throughout your project. Are you struggling with the complexities of project logistics? Samsung SDS provides comprehensive logistics service tailored to meet the needs of our customers based on strong experience in IT and global logistics capabilities.

Lead time reliability through micro-management
Our system specialized in project logistics enables us to manage transportation progress in detail. When problems occur, we activate our control tower to respond quickly and minimize disruptions.

Extensive experience in project logistics
We provide competitive services based on our experience in transporting special cargo in a wide range of industries, such as heavy equipment, construction materials, bulk cargo, and medical supplies.

A dashboard for integrated transportation management
Our customized dashboard enables you to have real-time visibility into your shipments. Reports can also be customized for different supply chain stages – procurement, purchase, shipping, etc.

A collaborative system based on global network
Our consulting experts come up with the most effective ways to transport your project cargo based on the partnerships we have with our branches and partners around the world.
Don't risk the success of your project by going at it alone. Choosing the right provider is crucial. Invest in your project's success by choosing a reliable logistics provider today. Contact us now to learn more.
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