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Market Intelligence [Square Newsletter] 2022 No.10

Registration dateOCT 17, 2022


OECD CLI falls for 13th month since July 2021(101.2) with US falling for 15 consecutive months, China for 19 months, indicating economic slowdown.
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index(SCFI) falls for 16 consecutive weeks to below 2,000 points, first in 22 months since November 2020.
As demand continues to decline, major shipping companies are rebalancing their shipments.
Major fares for Hong Kong→America, Shanghai→Europe/America are showing continued decline, and international air freight supply for the past 2 weeks(Aug.29-Sep.11) fell 4% compared to 2019.

Economic Indicators

98.9(0.2) August
50.9(1.9) September
81.3(8.2%) September

The U.S. manufacturing PMI index hit a two years and four months low of 50.9, while China escaped contraction in three months at 50.1, but is still unstable.
Oil prices fell for the fourth consecutive month on the back of concerns over falling oil demand due to the strong dollar and tightening of central banks in each country.

Logistics Market Trends

1,922.95(149.09) September Week 5
October Week 1
3.201(0.138) September

SCFI has been on a downward curve since April, fell 62% from January 2022, and the Shanghai-U.S. route has also been on a downward trend.
Although Jet Fuel and FSC have fallen for three consecutive months due to falling international oil prices, they still high compared to the previous year.

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