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ForwardingOcean FCL service

You can experience affordable fares, schedules, and stable services at major ports through the major shipping companies around the world.

Ocean FCL Service
Not all container shipping services are the same.
Cello Square service.
  • 01 Simply and easily check on the quotes and transport schedules.
    • You can check on the shipping rates immediately without any complicated procedures.
    • You can book the most efficient transport schedule.
  • 02 Loading the shipment- security and convenience without any concerns.
    • We provide a stable service with a space secured in advance.
    • You can conveniently book online
  • 03 Check the location of the valuable cargo in real-time.
    • You can check on the progress from the origin to the destination.
    • In case of any issues, we immediately identify the cause and suggest a solution.
  • 04 Be with the best experts.
    • A dedicated team for each region and cargo type provides the customized services.
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