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IT Value-added servicesContainer Loading Simulation Service

Calculate the number of required containers and loading rate based on the size and quantity of your cargo. Save logistics cost with the container that perfectly fits your cargo.

Container Loading Simulation Service
Cello Square’s unique optimization engine and 3D simulation technology offers the optimal loading plan for various situations.
  • 01When stuffing the container cargo,

    We improve the loading rate by suggesting the optimal loading method through the simulation function.

  • 02When pallets are shipped from the distribution center,

    Considering the weight, volume, direction, and center of the gravity of the products and reflecting the requirements and restrictions of the consignee, we propose the optimal stacking pattern.

  • 03When a customer purchases a product in an online e-Commerce site,

    The box recommendation function determines the packaging box of the products in the shopping cart and calculates the shipping cost in real-time.

Service Configuration
Service Configuration
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