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Điều khoản Logistics Essential Terms for Amazon Sellers

Ngày đăng kíNOV 02, 2021

Cello Square Essential Terms for Amazon Sellers
  1. 1)Basic Amazon Terms1)Basic Amazon Terms
    FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon)
    - A representative warehouse program operated by Amazon.
    - System in which Amazon handles everything, including inventory storage, shipping, packaging, inventory management, and customer service, by proxy for sellers.
    FBM(Fulfillment By Merchant)
    - It is called either FBM or MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network).
    - Method in which the branch is located in a personal warehouse or a third warehouse, not Amazon warehouse, and the seller directly handle the shipping whenever the order is placed.

  2. 2)Amazon Sales Terms2)Amazon Sales Terms
    RA(Retail Arbitrage)
    - Method to earn profit from margin by registering an existing product. It is also known as ‘Sell yours’ in Amazon.
    - Method to make sales by entering my product price and quantity into the product page registered by another seller. Many beginner sellers try this method because of its small initial investment requirement.
    PL(Private Label)
    - Method in which the seller searches the product, produce the product through the manufacturer and sell the manufactured goods as their brand.
    - Because this is a method to sell their own products in Amazon, a large sum of sale can be expected if the seller’s own competitiveness can be provided.
    BSR(Best Sellers Rank)
    - Sales rank of the product shown at the product information on the bottom of the product detail page. Top 100 products are shown on this rank.
    A-to-Z Guarantee Claim
    - A-to-Z Guarantee Claim refers to the guarantee policy established to protect the customerin the case of not receiving a proper service.
    - The customer can constantly trust and use Amazon through the guarantee claim.
    - The total number of every product or a specific product that the seller sells in inventory (SKU)

  3. 3)Amazon Managerial Code Terms3)Amazon Managerial Code Terms
    ASIN(Amazon Standard Item Number)
    amazon product information amazon product information ⒸAmazon ⒸAmazon
    - Amazon’s unique product identification number consisting of a 10-digit combination of numbers and characters.
    - This identification number is used by seller, buyer, and Amazon for efficiency because there are numerous products listed on Amazon.
    - In the case of selling a product already listed on Amazon, the existing ASIN is matched. If the product is completely new, a new ASIN is granted.
    UPC(Universal Product Code)
    UPC Barcode UPC Barcode
    - Product identification number used in North America for every product except books.
    - It is a unique identification number consisting of a 12-digit combination of numbers and characters. As for periodical publication, this number is in 8 digits.
    EAN(European Article Number)
    EAN Barcode EAN Barcode
    - Unique identification number consisting of a 13-digit combination of numbers and characters.
    - Standard product identification number used in the whole the world except the United States. In Korea, EAN begins with 880.
    FNSKU(Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit)
    FNSKU Barcode FNSKU Barcode
    - Unique identification product for each product granted for inventory and shipping management within Amazon warehouse. It is granted when a product is stocked into Amazon warehouse to use FBA.
    ISBN(International Standard Book Number)
    ISBN Barcode ISBN Barcode
    - International Standard Book Number is a 10-digit barcode to identify books.
    SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
    SKU 예시 SKU 예시
    - SKU is a term actively used in the logistics industry referring to Stock Keeping Unit.
    - Minimum classification unit for product/inventory management. SKU is a unique inventory number set by the seller for product management. If not set separately, Amazon automatically grants the number.
    Unique Identifier
    - Unique product identification number that shall be designated during the registration process for the brand registry.
    - When a brand product without UPC or EAN is listed, the unique product identification number designated during the registration of the brand registry shall be entered during the product listing.
    - As for the unique product identification number, Manufacturer Part Number, Model Number, Catalog Number, and Style Number are usually used.