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Thông tin thị trường [Square Newsletter] 2022 No.9

Ngày đăng kíSEP 20, 2022


The U.S. Fed’s remarks to curb inflation have highlighted concerns over an economic slowdown and lowered WTI.
SCFI comprehensive index has been on the decline for the past 12 consecutive weeks. Container rate to Europe fell 45% from January and rate to US has continued to fall since April.
Due to global economic instability and weak demand, an increase in prices is expected to be limited or a late peak season compared to the previous year is predicted.

Economic Indicators

99.2(0.2) July
52.8(-) August
90.9(9.2%) August

The OECD leading economic index has fallen for 12 consecutive months since July 21 (101.1), with the U.S. falling for 14 months and China falling for 18 consecutive months. Aug, U.S. PMI fall to 52.8 in the early stages of COVID-19. EU also continued to fall to 49.6, and China rose slightly from the previous month, but still continued to shrink below the baseline of 50.

Logistics Market Trends

2,847.62(306.64) September Week 1
September Week 1
3.354(0.124) August

Global container trade tends downward with various pressure, including shrinking macroeconomic, high inflation, consumption habits switching back towards services. International cargo air capacity fell 3% compared to 2019.

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