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Digitize export-import logistics
with Cello Square

Tedious quoting, complicated procedures, unclear shipment status and more. You can now solve all of these problems with Cello Square!

  • Import/ Export

  • e-Commerce
Cello Square / Digital Forwarding Service Cello Square / All business procedures of import/export logistics
  • STEP01 Quote
  • STEP02 Transportation Booking
  • STEP03 Transportation/Customs Clearance
  • STEP04 Tracking
  • STEP05 Communication
  • STEP06 Settlement
(Logistic Service
  • Courier
  • Airline/Shipper
  • Distribution Center
  • Trucker
Customer Digital Forwarding Service LSP (Logistic Service Provider)

Logistics operations simplified
in just a few clicks.

Quick and easy quoting and booking process

Instant quotes available
for major transportation products.

Air Transport Immediate availability / Ocean Transport 24 Hours

Secure real-time monitoring
and communication

Rest assured with real-time tracking and 1:1 communication with NAVY expert designated per individual transportation case

Reliable and transparent settlements

Settle logistics costs transparently with automatic comparison and verification of quotes and invoices

Find out the success stories of Cello Square in the following videos.

Success Stories

Check out the FROMNATURE's story of export logistics to various countries through Cello Square.

Shin Ho-Cheol, Team Leader
Success Stories

PLAYAUTO, for the e-Commerce order management, and Cello Square, for complex and challenging global logistics needs, support the sellers' successful entry into the overseas market.

Kim Sang-hyuk, CEO,
Playauto Co., Ltd.
Success Stories

We hope that the win-win relationship with Samsung SDS through digital connections will provide domestic SMEs to carry out their export business in a more easier and quicker way.

Kim Sang-wook, Executive Vice President
for Innovative Growth, KOTRA

Introducing the major customers working
with Cello Square.

Since its launch in 2018, hundreds of global marketplace sellers such as Amazon, Wish, Rakuten, and Qoo10
and independent e-Commerce operators such as Shopify, Cafe24, and Makeshop, have been using Cello Square.

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