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Provision of comprehensive logistics services
based on the latest IT technology covering all areas of global logistics

We provide comprehensive logistics services tailored to the needs of our customers, based on a long-standing expertise in IT, various industry expertise, and global logistics execution capabilities.

Details of Samsung SDS Logistics
  • Revenue 8.0 trillion won Reached annual revenue of KRW 8.0 trillion in 2021 Overseas share 97%
  • Operation volume Ranks among top 10 Global
  • CIO100 Customer innovation Awarded for 5 consecutive years IDG Supplier of the Year BisseⅡ Lead Logistics Provider
  • Global M/S 20th place No. 1 in Korea 5th in the APAC region Blockchain technology competency 50 largest companies Global Forbes Global
  • Area of operation 36 Countries 53 Hub locations 230 sites
  • Employees 5660 People

Experience new and differentiated logistics services exclusive to Samsung SDS.

Global Logistics
Services Platform

We operate across the entire global logistics supply chain based on Cello, a proprietary platform for the dissemination of new technologies and best practices around the world from our international hub locations. We also support global logistics needs for small-and-medium import/export companies or e-Commerce sellers through Cello Square.

Global Logistics Services Platform Global Logistics Services Platform

End-to-end Digital Logistics Service

From international transportation, inland transportation, operation of distribution centers, and LMD (last-mile delivery), to return and reverse logistics, we provide all logistics services. Additionally, we innovate our customers' logistics by providing differentiated 4PL services, such as customized logistics consulting and IT-based value-added services.

Comprehensive Digital Logistics Service Comprehensive Digital Logistics Service

Global Network

We provide global logistics services in 36 countries, 56 hub locations, and 327 sites. With around 1,900 international logistics partners, we handle about 280,000 tons of air and 810,000 tons of ocean transport, which places us within the global top 10 logistics companies

Global logistics services platform Global logistics services platform

Learn more about the wide variety of new logistics services.

Integrated Logistics Solution - Samsung SDS Cello Plus 2.0

Advances in technology is reshaping logistics. Samsung Cello will drive your business transformation through utilizing world class technology.

Risk Management

Based on cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and big data analysis, 24/7 global logistics experts provide real-time monitoring and stable logistics services through preemptive responses in abnormal situations.

Samsung SDS Logistics Automation - Innovation Technology

Samsung SDS established a dedicated digital transformation lab, to verify the latest technology of Warehouse automation, and design logistics processes and build a optimal system

Samsung Cello Mobile Service: Mobile-based inland transportation service

Cello Mobile Service ensures efficient and reliable shipping services by planning end-to-end transport processes.