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e-Commerce logistics services optimized for overseas sellers

Customers can trust our logistics-related services, including automatic order creation, delivery processing, customs clearance, fulfillment service, and return processing that are all linked to overseas online retaliers such as Amazon.

  • Linkage with overseas online retailers makes ordering easy and provides immediate shipping status updates. By linking with major overseas e-Commerce platforms, such as Amazon, buyKorea (KOTRA), Shopify, and Rakuten, delivery orders are created and invoice numbers are updated for automatic delivery. With Cello Square, all shipment is easily managed, regardless of the number of markets or sales countries.
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  • Select the best shipping rate from the optimal shipping company in each country. When shipping to multiple countries, we select and deliver the best shipping company for each country, considering the characteristics of the cargo and the logistics situation. Also, we have eliminated cumbersome processes by managing pickup requests, invoice printing, and shipment tracking on one screen.
  • Lower the cost of managing overseas inventory with our fulfillment service. We provide various fulfillment services such as product storage, packaging, and labeling within the Samsung SDS warehouse. Packaged products can be delivered immediately thanks to being connected with overseas delivery services.
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Check out the convenient
and diverse services offered
by Cello Square

  • Forwarding Service

    From 53 global hub locations, we provide international transportation services from air, sea, express and inland transport to multimodal transportation, which is the combination of different means of transport.

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  • IT Value-added services

    We offer IT-based services that encompass the overall logistics activities. This includes diagnosing the customer's logistics service status, suggesting process innovation plans, and automating cumbersome manual tasks with abundant IT capabilities. Check out our verified IT-based logistics services along with use cases now.

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