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Stable forwarding service
with 53 global hub locations

We provide services that cover all international transport,
from air, ocean, express, inland transport
to multimodal transport.

  • We directly operate the world's top 10 air and ocean logistics facilities. With a global network of 53 hub locations in 36 countries, we directly manage the logistics operations from the origin to the final destination. By providing a single point of contact, you can also streamline the customer operation management.
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  • We provide international transportation services with 78 airlines, 206 shipping companies, and 7 express carriers. We provide stable logistics services through strategic collaboration with global logistics companies such as airlines, shipping companies, and forwarders. Our multimodal transportation services combine the advantages of ocean and rail transportation for economic efficiency and air transportation that guarantees speed.
  • We track the departed cargo in real-time to ensure safe transportation We collect data from IoT equipment attached to containers and cargoes as well as ship's AIS and GPS and monitor cargo's real-time location and status information. The collected data is analyzed, processed, and used to improve logistics operation efficiency.
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our forwarding products

Check out the convenient and diverse services offered
by Cello Square

  • e-Commerce logistics services

    Experience the specialized services to accommodate global e-Commerce logistics. In connection with e-Commerce websites, our logistics-related services such as automatic order creation, delivery processing, customs clearance, fulfilment services, and return processing can be counted on.

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  • IT Value-added Services

    We offer IT-based services that encompass the overall logistics activities. This includes diagnosing the customer's logistics service status, suggesting process innovation plans, and automating cumbersome manual tasks with abundant IT capabilities. Check out our verified IT-based logistics services along with use cases now.

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