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Quick Tips Get Started with Cello Square

Registration dateAUG 25, 2022

Get Started with Cello Square

You need to sign up first to start Cello Square, where all the import and export logistics processes are easily and conveniently carried out. Any company/private business owner with a business registration number can sign up for free within 1 minute of simply entering basic information.

What are the benefits of being a member of Cello Square?
  • 01Click ‘Sign Up’ at the top right corner of the Cello Square website (
    Click 'Sign up'
  • 02Fill in the country and business registration number and click ‘Next.’
    Fill in the country and business registration number and click ‘Next.’
  • 03After entering the information required for membership and agreeing to the terms and conditions for service use, click the ‘Verification Email Send’ button.
    • A company name card is not required to submit, but if you register, you will receive catered services.
    • You will receive useful information such as global logistics market trends, logistics market conditions, and information content for free when you agree to the provision of marketing information.
    • When you sign up as a member with a business registration number that has already been registered with Cello Square, then the company information field does not appear.
    Registration information
  • 04When you click “Verify Email’ in the email sent to the email address you entered, then you are ready to use Cello Square.
    • The verification email is valid for 24 hours. The previous verification email will expire upon resending.
    • When you sign up for a membership with a business registration number that has already been registered with Cello Square, you need approval from a colleague, who signed up for the first time.
  • 05You can check your logistics status at a glance through the dashboard after logging in to the Cello Square shipper portal (
    1. 1) My Status : A summary of the number of quotation requests and inquiries, booking requests, shipment confirmations and in-transit in the last 3 months
    2. 2) Billing : Total logistics cost for shipments
    3. 3) Schedule : Quotation, shipment, and billing schedules planned for the next 2 weeks
    4. 4) Shipment : Real-time progress and estimated departure/arrival time of shipments under favorite shipments and currently in transit
    5. 5) Exceptions : Real-time abnormal information about shipment such as change of departure/arrival time, damage to cargo, etc.
  • 06Use the differentiated services of Cello Square, from quick quote to booking, tracking and settlement through the menu above.
    1. 1) Product : a service that allows you to freely explore/select various products prepared in advance such as forwarding, express and IT Value-added services, and immediately check the quotes for the product you choose
    2. 2) Quote : a service that allows you to request a quote for a route that cannot be quoted through the instant quotes and to check all quote history inquired at Cello Square
    3. 3) Booking : a service to manage booking and its status for the quote queries

      - Before the initial booking, the approval of the Administrator is required after registering a copy of the ‘Business Registration Certificate and Power of Attorney,’

    4. 4) Shipment : a service that can track the transportation status of each shipment in real-time
    5. 5) Billing : a service that allows you to check the details of billing for each shipment that has been transported
  • 07Notices, tutorials related to service use and logistics market reports can be found in 『Library > Support』.
    Library > Support
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