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  • Sign up directly at for an associate membership, and then convert to a full membership access by verifying your business account.

    After registering your account, you can immediately engage to obtain instant quote or quote inquiry process to check your shipment costs and proceed to reservation.

  • Cello Square is a logistics service for businesses and can be used by both corporations and private operators. 

    General individual members cannot use it.

    In addition, the scope of service use may be limited by credit rating.

  • Currently, we provide sea and air transport services departing from Korea. 

    The express transport service is available at, the 'Exclusive Express Platform'. 

    You can check detailed quotes and routes by logging in. 

  • Cello Square is not a simple matching platform. 

    Cello Square signs a contract with the shipper directly and is committed to the logistics. 

    You can perform all tasks through Cello Square, from executing logistics after quotation to real-time status updates, resolution of problems, and logistics cost settlement.

    In case of a dispute, the person in charge of Cello Square will solve it together.