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IT Value-added servicesOptimal Packaging Box Recommendation

Optimal Packaging Box Recommendation Service
When shipping online (box packing), we recommend the optimal packaging box based on the product size/order quantity, so you can calculate the shipping cost immediately after ordering.
  • 01 When a customer purchases a product in an online e-Commerce site,

    The box recommendation function determines the packaging box of the products in the shopping cart and calculates the shipping cost in real-time.

  • 02 At the fulfillment center,

    Considering the size and the number of products to be delivered, we recommend the optimal packaging box to reduce packaging and shipping costs.

  • 03 When pallets are shipped from the distribution center,

    Considering the weight, volume, direction, and center of the gravity of the products and reflecting the requirements and restrictions of the consignee, we propose the optimal stacking pattern.

  • 04 When stuffing the container cargo,

    We improve the loading rate by suggesting the optimal loading method through the simulation function.

적재 관련 안내표 - 이 표는 Loading container, Loading method, Grouping simulation, Loading direction and order의 정보를 제공합니다.
Loading container Box, Pallet, Container
Loading method Single loading, mixed loading
Grouping simulation Grouping / distributed setting between SKUs
Loading direction and order Adjusting the loading directions by SKUs, numbering the loading order, and information by loading steps
Service diagram
Service diagram
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