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ForwardingAir Express(Courier) Service

The fastest and the most accurate air express services for global e-commerce customers! If you are concerned about small but important cargo and accumulating rates, Cello Square is the key!

Air Express(Courier) Service
Cello Square supports global selling with its unique air express solution.
  • 01 Fastest and safest with competitive freight rates!

      Cello Square takes responsibility for the first overseas business of the customer with door-to-door services optimal for small cargo.

  • 02 Make rate contracts based on the solutions that meet the characteristics of each country.

      Utterly unpredictable global logistics! Cello Square provides optimized express services by securing rates for each section/country/marketplace.

  • 03 Track cargo in real time.

      From pickup to transportation! You can view the location of your precious cargo in real time. You can check the locations of your cargo 24/7 on Cello Square and monitor any issues.

  • 04 Manage orders and deliveries at once using open API.

      You can manage not only sales channels but also the existing system, orders, and delivery status conveniently.

Express Platform
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