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ForwardingImport/Export Express

Try the fastest and most convenient way to ship worldwide for global e-Commerce vendors,

import/export express service!

Import/Export Express Transport Service
Complete global selling with Cello Square's unique express solution
  • 01 Under real-time logistics conditions,

    we provide competitive fares by section/country/marketplace and an optimized express service.

  • 02 We provide optimized solutions,

    for various situations such as fees, services, and global imports, suitable for small cargo.

  • 03 Real-time delivery status to the destination

    You can directly monitor the real-time delivery status and issues.

  • 04 Order linkage through API

    You can link the orders and delivery status with your sales channels and system, and the Open API.

Express Platform
import/export express shipping products can be used on the 'Express Platform'.
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