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Food traceability management is a system enacted by the Korean government to record and manage the food traceability information from manufacturing and processing to sales, provide the right to choose safe food to the consumers, and ensure public safety by promptly blocking distribution and implementing the recall measures when food safety problems occur.

Health Supplement Distribution History
As the mandatory requirement for health supplements distributors to report on the arrival and departure of the goods take effect on July 1st, 2020, we will provide a service linked to the TFOOD system to the health supplement distribution customers using Samsung SDS’s fulfillment service.
  • 01 Provide warehousing information through TFOOD (Food Traceability Management)
  • 02 Providing TFOOD (Food Traceability Management) shipment information
  • 03 Providing the recalled product inventory information through TFOOD (Food Traceability Management)
Health Supplement Distribution History
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