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VideoCello Square X HM International - Global Selling of K-Pop Product

HM International operates 'KTOWN4U', a global fandom e-Commerce platform with 4.3 million subscribers in 200 countries around the world that distribute K-Pop products including music, fashion, beauty, etc. In 2021, HM International achieved more than 200 billion won in sales and they have continued to grow more than 10 times in the last five years. 

Overseas shipping costs are determined by both volume and weight. It's difficult to predict the volume of the package in advance when the order is placed, which leads to the difference in the estimated shipping cost and final shipping charge. In addition, packers use more spacious boxed when packing products quickly. As a result, the overall volume and weight increases and naturally, so does the shipping cost. Consequently, there has always been a need to reduce such unnecessary shipping cost. 

That's when the personnel in charge of overseas delivery at Samsung SDS introduced HM International the 'Loading Optimizer', a solution for optimized packing. And HM International has been actively using it in the field ever since.   

Go ahead with Samsung SDS Cello Square if you want to enter overseas e-Commerce market.