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Innovative IT specialized,
pay-per-use service

Samsung SDS is continuously innovating the logistics industry with new IT technology. Take a look at our proven specialized IT logistics services.

  • We provide load optimization services using AI technology Loading an optimization algorithm applied with AI technology starts more stable and efficient loading of cargo. Based on the same technology, we even provide an optimal packaging box recommendation service.
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  • Safely transport sensitive cargo using IoT technology As IoT technology is the most useful in the logistics industry, we utilize it to determine the real-time cargo location and manage sensitive cargo's safe storage and transportation. Find out what value is provided to customers by using IoT technology, along with the examples of each country.
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  • With blockchain technology, we create an environment which both sellers and consumers can trust. By combining blockchain technology and logistics service capabilities, we can prevent forgery and falsification of information collected throughout the supply chain. You can also share that information with only a limited set of participants.
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