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Market Intelligence [Square Newsletter] 2022 No.5

Registration dateAUG 08, 2022


Manufacturing index of Apr. 2022 is 55.4, the lowest since Sep. 2020.
15th week of decline due to slow demand in China and continued uncertainty in European economy.
Asian demand remained weak due to Chinese lockdown and labor day holidays.

Economic Indicators

100.3(0.1) March
55.4(3.0) April
104.7(4.4%) April

The OECD leading indicator has exceeded the baseline of 100, but has been on the decline since July 21, maintaining a downward trend. The PMI stood at 55.4 in April '22. It was the lowest level since September '20.

Logistics Market Trends

4,177.30(18.68) April Week 5
April Week 5
3.758(0.263) April

April 29 SCFI Comprehensive is 4,177, fell 19 points(-0.4%) from the previous week. HKG→EUR air freight rate rose slightly, while other lanes(HKG→US, SHA→EUR&US) fell compared to the previous week.

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