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Market Intelligence [Square Newsletter] 2022 No.7

Registration dateAUG 08, 2022


OECD CLI fell below 100 after staying above the mark for 14 months, showing the economy is shrinking.
Container rates recorded minor decreases for 3 consecutive weeks to the end of Jun., and inventory is rising as American retail sales slows.
Air freight rates are expected to rise for the remainder of the year as Chinese factories resume production and traditional peak season is approaching.

Economic Indicators

99.8(0.1) May
53.0(3.1) June
106.2(7.4%) June

The OECD leading index fell below the benchmark 100 for the first time in 14 months since February 21. It is on the decline below the benchmark 100, so it is evaluated as an economic contraction phase.

Logistics Market Trends

4,203.27(12.86) July Week 1
July Week 1
4.155(0.253) June

SCFI fell slightly for 3 weeks and has remained at the 4,200-point level recently. Air freight rates (Hong Kong & Shanghai departures, Americas & Europe arrivals) are all fluctuating without trend.

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